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Krovsan Profi
Krovsan Profi


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Krovsan Profi

Immediate elimination of pests! A long-term prevention against wood-destroying insects and wood-destroying and wood-staining fungi.

Professional wood protection

  • against wood decaying insects (insecticidal function)
  • against wood decaying fungi (antifungal function)

The agent is intended for a long-term preservation of wood, chipboard and wood-fibre products in the construction industry – various wood components, structures, roof trusses, ceilings, floors, panelling, windows, fences and the like, as a primer for preservation against deterioration of wood by the wood-decaying fungi and wood-destroying insects in exteriors and interiors. It is suitable as a combined fungicide and insecticide impregnant under prime and top coating systems on wood. It kills wood-destroying pests and preserves the wood preventively. It is intended for construction timber for the Hazard Class 1 and 2, and after the application of a top coat also for the Hazard Class 3. When the long-term preservation and elimination of pests is required, it is applied without dilution by painting on a clean, dry and non-greasy wood. The agent is manufactured in colourless, green, yellow and brown type.

staci 1 nater Okamžitá likvidácia škodcov Dlhodobá ochrana dreva Odolný voči poveternosti
Unlike competitive market funds, just one coat for full protection. KROVSAN immediately destroy pests, which makes it suitable for use on wood no longer contested. Krovsan composition ensures its long-term effect. KROVSAN is resistant to rain, wind and other weather conditions.


For coating of new uninfested wood, the preparation is diluted by water in the ratio of 1:1. For temporary preservation of unaffected wood, the agent may be diluted by water in the ratio of 1:2. The preparation is suitable for application by soaking as well. In this instance, the agent is diluted by water in the ratio of 1:4, and the soaking time is 24 hrs.

Usability Dilution
Krovsan : water
Application use
Pest control and protection attacked wood raw coating, spraying, roller, dipping
Long term protection of non attacked wood 1:1 coating, spraying, roller
Long term protection of non attacked wood 1:4 long term dipping
Short term protection of non attacked wood 1:2 coating, spraying, roller, dipping

For coating new unaffected wood product diluted 1:1 with water. For temporary protection is unaffected wood product can be diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 2 The product is also suitable for dipping. In this case, diluted with water 1:4 and the soaking time is 24 hours.

10-12 m2 / 1 liter, only 1 coat for full protection 1l, 5l, 10l, 20l

Colour: colorless, green, brown, yellow

Use biocides safely. Be sure to read the data on the label and product information.


Material Safety Data Sheet

Technical specifications

Certificate of conformity

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