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Gazebos, cottages, log cabins Wooden garden furniture and wooden structures Wooden walls, ceilings, wood floors


Top clear varnish for doors, panelling, cottages, pergolas, garden furniture. For the interior and exterior. Matt and glossy.

EXLAK is designed for top transparent varnishing of wood and wood products such as doors, fences, shutters, garden furniture, pergolas, cottages, wall panelling, ceilings and other applications in the interior and exterior.

It is applied by a brush, roller or spraying on a dry, clean surface in 2 to 3 layers. After the first coat, the varnished surface area is ground with an abrasive paper. The second and third coat is applied after 6-8 hours according to the nature of the surface and temperature of the environment. The coat air dries at the temperature of min. 15oC. A lower temperature may cause extension of the drying time. In applications in the exterior, 3 coats are applied. The varnish is bluish in the delivered state, which does not affect the transparency of the dried coat.

10-12 m2 / 1 liter 0,7l, 2,5l, 5l
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